Sunday, 4 October 2015

Changes... Adventure Awaits!


So those of you who are long-time visitors of my blog may have noticed some changes over the past few months... namely in the lack of Stampin' Up focus in my projects. That's because I am now no longer a Stampin' Up demonstrator. This is not because I don't like SU or their products any more (trust me, I could still fill a shopping basket with stamps, dies and accessories!) but God has been leading my on a journey over the past year.

Towards the end of last year I felt God leading me to stop my SU business - at the time I didn't really understand it and to be honest I wrestled with the decision because I loved being a demonstrator, in particular meeting some wonderful people at parties and classes, not to mention playing with great products! But what had happened along the course of the years is that what was supposed to be a hobby turned into a business, and while there's nothing wrong with that, for me it meant I was spending time working that I should have been spending resting or relaxing (something I'm not particularly good at anyway!). So after a bit of internal turmoil I obeyed God and stopped running my SU business. I still hold occasional classes to connect with some of my favourite peeps I have met along the way, but it's for fun now!

Earlier this year I stumbled upon (or rather, God led me to!) a rather wonderful movement that was sweeping the world called Illustrated Faith. This involved illustrating in your bible around particular scriptures or things that God is speaking to you. When I saw some of the amazing examples, particularly from Shanna Noel, the founder of Illustrated Faith, I was hooked. I already had a journalling bible to make notes in, but I had never thought of drawing, painting or STAMPING in my bible! This combination of creativity with the Word of God brought two of my dearest passions together in one and all I can say is that I love it! I love exploring new ways of creating whilst meditating on scripture because it really allows the Word to soak into your soul.

Here's an example from my bible of a page I did inspired by another inspirational bible artist, Rebekah Jones...

You might notice some Stampin Up products on this one! That's the wonderful thing about this hobby/art form - you can use so many supplies you already have. In the last few months Illustrated Faith have started releasing some amazing stamp sets specifically for bible journalling and as a stamper I just had to add some to my collection {grin!}. I decided this week to use some of those stamps to make a card, as I was reminded that I can still make cards using faith-based products (doesn't have to just be about Christmas and birthdays!). So I made a card that represents where I am creatively, as well as in the next season of my life as I pursue my desire to study theology further. I have no idea how it's going to happen, but God does - and I trust that He will make a way where there seems to be no way...

I used the Illustrated Faith Explore stamp set for this, with some masking and paper piecing techniques for the mountains. I added some Illustrated Faith Say It stickers and a few rhinstones as well (love me some embellishments!).

So after that long post I just wanted to say that things may look a little different around here... I want to share some more bible journalling pages and talk about what God has said in His Word, but of course I will also be posting cards I make using a variety of different products that I enjoy using.

I hope you'll stick with me and enjoy the journey!

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Thanks for stopping by...

x Amy x


  1. Good Luck, Amy!! As a Christian, I know how hard it can be, sometimes,to follow God when you don't always understand the reasoning behind it, at the time ;-) I look forward to following you on your journey. I am also a SU demonstrator so I understand the feelings involved... but like I said, since He led you to it, it was the right decision. ;-) Enjoy the journey!!

  2. Obedience to God is the key, I believe, to peace and rest and growth. So glad you have been obedient! It is hard sometimes, I know. Been there done that. I too am a demonstrator ... One club a month of 8 gals, and maybe 4 outside workshops a year. That's all I want and all I can handle at this point in my life.
    I have been on a journey with Him for a couple years now ... A journey to being still and resting in Him! I am a doodler ... And for a couple years have doodled around scripture in my art journal... Never thinking to do it in my Bible. I just love all this new ways of letting go and expressing my love for Him and His Word. I don't have a journalling Bible - but I have taken some of my "art" and added pages to my Bible!
    All that to say .... You go girl! And I love what you have done with this scripture and stampin' up! Can't wait to see more!

  3. What a refreshing post... it can be so hard when God starts to move us in a different direction. I too am a SU demo (in the UK) and a Daughter of The King, and have consciously made my hobby my work too - until God tells me otherwise. God Bless you in your obedience to Him x

  4. Amy, I am so amazed to here about your new journey with God. I am a SU hobbyist. I enjoy making cards and getting together with friends. But I also struggle with God calling me to do something but didn't know what it was. I like what you posted and looked into the Illustrated Faith and like what I see. I have a question, are you in a Bible Study or do you just open your Bible and see where God want you to go. I am going to invest in a Journal Bible. And see where God is leading me. Thanks for your blog and I look forward to see where God is taking you. Thanks.. . Susan

  5. Hi Susan,
    Thanks so much for your encouraging comments - I'm so pleased that you are going to invest in a Journaling Bible! As for what study tools I use, my favourite reading plan is Professor Horner's Bible Reading System - I followed that for around 2 years and my love for and knowledge of the Word expanded hugely during that time. I am part of a small Bible Study at my church where we study one book at a time, one chapter a week, which is a good part of my weekly study. My current method of study is using Journibles (books designed for you to write portions of the Bible in) - I'm working through the Psalms and Acts at the moment - I've found that writing out the Scriptures really helps me to meditate on them and I see things I wouldn't normally see by just reading it. This has prompted a lot of my Bible Journaling pages.
    I hope that helps in some way - do feel free to email me (link on the side of my blog) if you have any more questions!
    x Amy x